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Hot Food At The Cafeteria?

If you ever wonder when will we be serving hot dishes in our Cafeteria, the chances are quite remote I would say. Although the initial idea was to have about 5 hot dishes in the menu but we called off the idea eventually simply because we really want to focus on what we do best i.e. bread and by “bread” we are referring to a good selection of healthy breads. Almost 6 months passed since we opened in last September 26, we have seen a growing number of repeat customers especially during the peak hours on lunch and afternoon tea time. On top of that, takeaway sandwiches and delivery service (to limited areas) are getting popular as well. The hot selling sandwich at the moment is “Smoked Salmon w Rosemary Grilled Cheese” but I personally like the Mexican Chicken best. If you want to be adventurous, you can make your own sandwiches.

For your viewing pleasure, I’d like to show you below one of the photos we took on our hot dishes during the photo shoot by Jan Shim ~ Chicken curry served with french bread. Other items prepared but not served include kids spaghetti bolognese and nasi lemak with salad. I have tasted all of them and I must say all are yummy but unfortunately, they won’t be in the menu, at least for now.



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