Sourdough Bread – So Simple You Can Make It At Home!

Written by Eric Pui

There are many recipes available online on how to make good sourdough bread from home so I am not going to touch on this topic much in this post. Our sourdough bread is as good as homemade as there is no trade secret recipe in making them. All you need is a stable sourdough (or live sourdough) starter and by following a proper proofing and handling procedure you should have little problem in getting the crusty homemade sourdough bread you want. Ways of cultivating the starter are also available online. All you need for the starter is unbleached bread flour and water. Knitting of the dough can be tricky though which requires practice. It takes much longer time to make sourdough bread compare to normal bread which can go up to 6 to 8 hours from natural fermenting process to baking and this partly explains why they are usually selling at higher prices.

We started selling sourdough bread early last year at our cafe in Gadong Central. Unfortunately, the response wasn’t as good as we hoped it would be because many were still not familiar with what sourdough is then. Not until this year we began to see the strong demand in our sourdough bread especially on weekends where they are usually sold out. Some would come from as far as Kuala Belait just to stock up a few loaves to be consumed for the whole week.

You may notice that the bread you buy today is not exactly the same shape or size to the one you previously bought because each and every single one of our all bread is hand knitted by our bakers so some inconsistencies may happen. We intend to keep it this way as we believe this is how traditional artisan bread should be made.







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