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Main branch: Unit 106, Ground Floor, Bangunan Bersurat, Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong

JPMC bakery: Main lobby area, next to the gym

Mr Baker’s Cafeteria: Unit 47, Ground Floor, Block C, Gadong Central

Mr Baker @ FZ: Main building reception area

Muffins&Co: Unit 21.4, The Souq, Airport Mall

Contact details: 673-2426020 (shop), 673-8768770 (Eric), 673-8830262 (Amy)

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19 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I love your Healthy sandwich!

    I am recommend you guys to open an outlet or booth (just like at JPMC) at our uni! ITB (Institut Teknologi Brunei), so you guys can provide us healthy breakfast everyday! haha

    every week days i drive to uni (without having breakfast) as early as 6.00 since im commuting from tutong. I believe some of us who are commuting from tutong and belait also having the same issue haha.

    It would be the best if you guys can provide us breakfast! Pretty please~

    I wouldnt mind eating your sandwich every morning! because they are delicious! :D

    1. Dear Izzah,

      Thanks for your comments. We have received quite a number of positive comments on our sandwiches which are quite plain and simple to make really but i guess that’s the whole reason why our customers like them cos it’s healthy. If there is really a demand in ITB, there is always room for discussion :)

  2. Hi,

    I went to your outlet located at Batu Bersurat this afternoon and was informed that your $50 Raya box set is out of stock.

    As such, I asked your staff about the $6.50 box of biscuits that you may have. Unfortunately, the outlet has only chocolate chip cookies left.

    I proceeded to ask your staff if there might be more this coming week but they didn’t seem to know. I also asked for the list of biscuits you sell so I could make a proper decision. But they couldn’t provide one.

    It would be great if you could email me a list of biscuits you sell as I’d like to purchase the $6.50 boxes of biscuits individually instead.

    And if I were to buy 72 boxes of assorted biscuits, is it possible you could consider quoting me a cheaper price per box?

    Let me know soonest possible. Thanks.


  3. Eric and Mr. Baker’s staff,

    First and foremost THANK YOU for your wonderful and friendly customer service. It’s the very first thing you experience when walking into ANY business and you folks do the aforementioned very, very well.

    Your shops are always clean and though I may go in for 1-2 items I almost walkways walk out with double that. Or more!

    That said, your Mr. Baker’s shops, especially the Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria for it’s very close to my home is a much needed, appreciated bakery in Brunei.

    A bakery open at 7 a.m. AND serves coffee.. can’t beat it!

    The natural ingredients and the healthier aspects of the breads, desserts/ cakes is out of this world.

    I wish you nothing but the best of success and continue to wow us for years to come.

  4. Dear Mr Baker,

    Any chance of expanding to kb/seria? I’m a big fan of your cakes and pastries but the long drive to bsb is just tiring. I would be really happy if you have a branch here so I can enjoy your cakes everyday.

    1. Hi Lina,
      Thanks for your lovely message. At this point in time, the chances of opening a branch at KB/Seria seem remote not only it is logistically infeasible (as I can’t be hands on if I’m needed there :P) but to my understanding there isn’t anymore space available for rent. However, if you do come across any good space for rent, do alert us as I am keeping my option open :)

  5. What are those yummy white coated, bite-sized balls called? They are a new years special dessert? They melt in your mouth and commonly made during the new years festivities.

  6. hello! do you have a delivery service? I want to give surprise to someone. so, i just asked you to delivery to his home. his home is at kg kasat. can you?

  7. Hi, we are interested in putting up your products within our facility. anyone who could help me get a feedback with this matter?

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