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Catering For Jolly Language School’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Written by Eric Pui

Jolly Language School celebrated its 2nd anniversary last month in a rather unique way. The persons (the teachers themselves) who planned the theme, props, foods and the overall presentation of the theme were simply amazing and creative I would say. Similar to last year, food is a big part of the celebration. By food, I meant brilliantly created food art that is. The theme this year is “The Snail and The Whale” so we had to go along this theme when planning the menu. For example, we had the snail sandwiches, whale cupcakes, snail cupcakes and other cute little creatures such as crab croissan’wich, shark jelly and so on.

CST140525_0058Event similar to this one requires months of preparation work. For instance, we may need to order the props from overseas that match with the event theme and the time spend on designing the food, varieties and table setting needs to be considered as well. If you are currently planning for an event, be it a kids birthday party or a mini wedding reception, and would like to have us as your food caterer, please come to our shop and go through the details and criteria with our Chefs. Our contact number can be found on the right hand side column of this blog should you wish to make a call for an appointment.

Chef in action – Beef salami sandwich sitting on top of a green “snail” made of fondant. Rolling the sandwich and to make sure it stays attached with the “body” was a challenge.
Pandan roll, Mocha roll and Chocolate cream roll.
Pandan roll, Mocha roll and Chocolate cream roll sitting on banana leaves.
Mini tuna croissan'wich, The "crab legs and eyes" are made of fondant.
Mini tuna and egg croissan’wich, The “crab legs and eyes” are made of fondant.
Chocolate Mud Cupcake
Chocolate mud cupcake with smiley “snail”.
Vanilla Cupcake
Vanilla cupcake with whale “swimming” on top.
Cake pop
Cake pops.
Beach slippers to match with the theme. By the way, these slippers are edible.
Cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon rolls in the shape of snails (new product).
Mixed vegetable rolls (new product).
Fresh garden salads.
Serving plates, napkins that go with the theme
Serving plates, napkins and cutlery that go along with the theme.
TAble set up
The overall table setting.
Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Principal and all the teachers of Jolly Language School.






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