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Healthy Restaurant Program Officially Launched

Brunei’s Health Promotion Centre, under the Ministry of Health, has officially launched the “Healthy Restaurant” program last weekend with the aim of encouraging restaurants and eateries around Brunei to come up with more healthy options in their menu. The launch was officiated by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoH, Dr Hjh Rahmah Hj Md Said, and attended by several Heads of Department including Dr Awang Zainal Ariffin bin Haji Awang Yahya, General Director, Ministry of Health.

All participated restaurants will be given a certificate, marketing materials such as posters and table stand. For more information, please contact @HPCBrunei or visit them at Commonwealth Dr.

So far, 3 restaurants have been selected to participate on this pilot program and it is an honor that Mr Baker’s Cafeteria is one of the chosen ones. To be eligible, certain criteria must be fulfilled including the screening of food recipes and ingredients used in our products. When asked by Dr Hjh Rahmah what are the popular dishes in our menu, I explained that we only serve healthy sandwiches, muffins and salads. Our sandwiches are so easy to prepare that our customers can actually make them at home, saving the hassle of eating out. Dr Hjh Rahmah, a bread lover, asked for my recommendation and without any doubt, I recommended Jan Shim‘s most favorite bread, the Muesli bread. Both Dr Hjh Rahmah and Dr Awg Zainal Ariffin sampled the muesli bread and they are impressed.

Jan’s favorite muesli bread with smoked salmon sandwich for morning breakfast or lunch.



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