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Healthy Muffins By Muffins&Co – Just The Way We Like It

Had an impromptu conversation with a food scientist working for an international food industry yesterday who complimented that the muffins by Muffins&Co are very unique which taste just like the good old traditional recipe of English muffins. The texture is compact and heavy unlike other muffins sold elsewhere. Her favorite is Coconut Almond Muffin amongst the others. And today, while I was discussing a potential business collaboration with a young entrepreneur who just returned from the States recently, she told me how much she loves our muffins and totally didn’t expect to see this type of muffins being sold here. Her thoughts of the muffins: Healthy and Natural. Her favorite is Pistachios and Granola muffin.

Coconut Almond muffin @$3.50
Pistachios and Granola muffin @$3.50
There are 10 varieties to choose from namely Coconut Almond, Pistachios and Granola, Oreo Creamcheese, Banana and Walnut, Chocolate Ganache Sour Cream, Swiss Style Muesli, Low GI, Apple with Oatmeal, Cranberries Cinnamon and Chocolate Muesli Raisins
Dissected view of Swiss Style Muesli muffin. Notice the heavy and compact texture of the muffin.

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