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Special “Moon Cake” Done Within 1.5Hour

About 2kg of moist chocolate truffle covered with fondant and sprinkled with roasted peanuts around the “moon”. Retail price: $180-$220.

So today is the birthday of my dear friend cum Brunei’s Number 1 broken English blogger, Tiger Lim. Upon special request, we made him a “moon cake” which literally is a moist chocolate truffle cake with the design of a moon. It all started off with me teasing Tiger on FB who requested for a moon cake for his birthday. I thought it was a weird request but knowing Tiger, nothing is weird in his dictionary. Just before I was about to get a chinese moon cake from Dynasty Restaurant in Gadong, he commented further on FB “Cake look like a moon not the Chinese moon cake!!“. Ok, now that is a challenge. How could we possibly make a 3D fondant cake in such a short period of time? I called up my chef and he said “No problem”.

1.5 hours later, I left a comment on his FB “Your cake is ready

Tiger has been a great supporter of Mr Baker and the number fan of our chicken croissant.
Tiger has been a great supporter of Mr Baker for many years. Happy Birthday “Bruther”!!!

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