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11.08.13 – Trekking at Bukit Shahbandar On A Rainy Day

Well, today is not exactly my life’s turning point as Jan described, but definitely a wake up call. As a regular jogger and a swimmer myself, I naively thought that my body was well prepared for the Mount Kinabalu climb which is happening in this coming December. But after the first hill at Bukit Shahbandar today, I realized there are still a lot of work to be done. I was literally breathless although my legs were still in running mode. At the end, I only managed to complete four hills. If you are a regular Shahbandar goer, you would probably know how far I ran today.

Thanks to Jan (and family), now I have set myself a target. Not sure whether I am going to make it to the top of Mount Kinabalu but I am just going to prepare myself for it and give in my best shot.

Starting point of the first hill. Trust me, never attempt to run all the way up if this is your first trekking.
I prefer running on hard soil than concrete stairs.
I brought my Canon G12 along but only managed to snap few shots as I was too busy catching my breath LOL
Blue skies before the heavy downpour.
Looks like someone forgot to bring his cap along.
Kids really enjoyed the day and they have already asked when is Uncle Shim going to bring us there again :)
1.5 hours of Sunday morning well spent.
First family trekking and definitely won’t be the last.

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