Random Post


Opening of our first branch at Batu Bersurat in September 2008. Close families, relatives and friends came to celebrate with us on this special day. We ran a 3-day “Buy one and get one free” promotion and most of the buns were literally sold out during these 3 days.
We only had 2 cashiers, 2 bakers, 2 kitchen assistants and myself working at the shop then. I was the deliveryman, purchaser, night shift cashier and the cleaner.
A few months later, we were invited to open a small corner outlet inside D’Other Office Cafe (Serusop) in February 2009 but was eventually closed down in August 2009 due to a change of management of the Cafe.
In April 2009, we opened yet another small outlet directly opposite to Soon Lee Megamart, Batu Bersurat hoping for more traffic flow but unfortunately, it was a failed project. The business didn’t do well so we had no choice but to close it down slightly less than a year later.
It took us almost two years to make our customers understand why our products are healthier. We started off by doing roadshow, exhibition and campaign. A lot of hard work, effort and tears came with it.
Expo at The Mall, Gadong. This was when our California cheese and Oreo became a big hit.
Charity drive at Smarter Kids.
Expo at one of the parking areas in the Capital.
All sandwiches sold out within 30mins
World Health Day 2013.
The Health Minister presenting a certificate of appreciation for the event.
The Health Minister presenting an award during the World Health Day 2013.
My dream of opening a cafe focusing on sandwiches and coffee finally came through last year ~ Mr Baker’s Cafeteria.
Giving my opening speech. It was a tense moment and glad it went well at the end
I was invited as a guest speaker by Wasan Vocational School to share with fellow business students and teachers about the journey behind Mr Baker.
Group photo taken at my kampong house at Sg Liang on the first day of CNY.
Group photo taken at my kampong house at Sg Liang on the first day of CNY 2013. Current work force: 50-55 people.
The opening of a wholly owned subsidiary, Muffins&Co, in April 2013 at The Souq, Airport Mall focusing on nothing else but a good selection of healthy muffins

The journey of Mr Baker was never an easy one. Passion and determination are the main reasons why we are still around.  I would like to end this post with one of my favorite quotes of all time by Lao Tzu, a Chinese Philosoper:

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”



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