Meet Tim and Gaby

Tim and Gaby posing for a photo
Tim and Gaby (from Germany) had been backpacking around South East Asia regions for the past 2.5 months. They had visited India, Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei so far. According to Gaby, they have never tasted any types of euro bread that are close to ours during the 2.5months journey and that our ciabatta rolls taste just like those in Italy. Both of them enjoyed the panini sandwiches very much as well as the creamy New York Cheesecake. Gaby finds our croissant buttery but Tim loves it. They shared about how the original German bread should taste like and also told me that most bakeries in their country do not have any added preservatives in their products.

3 thoughts on “Meet Tim and Gaby

  1. Surveys show that “good bread” is the thing Germans are missing most when travelling far away from home. That shows how important it is in our culture. I have no doubt that you make very good bread. Best bread I had in SE Asia was in Sabah Hotel, Sandakan.

      1. Well, maybe I just stumbled upon it by accident.
        That bakery was located in Sabah Hotel and the only (bad) photo I have is this one:
        Coffeebreak at Sabah Hotel, Sandakan (Malaysia)

        You find more photos from Sandakan on the same link. I think it was an ok place, certainly gaining much from the tourists visiting Sepilok, Labuk Bay and the islands nearby.

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