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Saying Goodbye to Year 2012!

Welcome to the Year 2013. The fireworks outside my window right now look magnificent and colorful. Let’s party. The year 2012 has been a milestone year for us. Before we share with you what’s coming up this year, let’s rewind what we have achieved over the past 12 months. First is the opening of the Airport Mall branch in early March 2012 followed by Jolly Language School (an associate company) in May 2012. A close collaboration with Wu Chun later on brought us Cafe @ Fitness Zone in August and finally, on our 4th anniversary in September 2012, we brought to you Mr Baker’s Cafeteria.

Our resolution for 2013? Eat healthy, live healthy and continuing with our R&D in giving more healthy options to the community. We also have a series of campaign in the pipelines to promote these healthy options. Lastly, I will leave you with a sneak peek (see below) of what’s coming up real soon.



4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Year 2012!

  1. Hello :D Happy New Year Mr Baker!

    i went to mr baker’s cafeteria few days back and ordered smoked salmon sandwich..there are some feedbacks i want to share.. :) please note that this is not a complain hahaha :D

    i found that all of your buns for the sandwiches are BASAR hahah i with small stomach couldn’t finish the bread tho..maybe if you can make the bun in smaller version for small stomach (with decreasing prices of course!) hahaha so no pembaziran berlaku :)

    and my smoked salmon sandwich did not become smoked ah..sudah jadi masak hahah pasal the bun is toasted/heated..so the salmon was cooked and sudah nada rasa because the salmon is sikit :S i barely tasted the salmon inside my sandwich..im sorry to say..haha if you can put a little bit more salmon it could be tasty! but not the one yg sudah masak hahaha

    i think that’s all :)

    Thank you :D

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