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Finally: Mr Baker’s Cafeteria

“Finally” – a word used by a close friend, Shaun, describing the official opening of the long waited sandwich shop finally opened its door on 26/09/2012 in Gadong Central (near the new KFC outlet), Brunei. Unlike other branches, the Cafeteria focuses nothing else but toasted sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and tea. Other items such as healthy salad, soup and few choices of hot dishes will be slowly introduced to the menu. There are more varieties of healthy euro bread selling here compare to other branches.

The first few days of business had been chaotic especially during lunch hours as we weren’t prepared for mass orders, hence, there were some mixed up of orders, long serving time etc. However, we are all well prepared now after a week of “on-the-spot” training. Having said that, if you are looking for a quick bite, you may have to pre-order your sandwiches as the average serving time is between 10-15 minutes.

Product highlight:

1) Panini sandwiches – 5 different types of panini sandwiches available for now i.e. Smoked beef with sauteed mushroom, Breakfast beef with BBQ sauce, Beef bacon with sauteed onion, Mexican chicken and Chicken deluxe. We advise that if you are allergic to certain ingredients such as nuts or certain seeds, please inform our service crew before they prepare your sandwiches.

2) Smoothies – we use fresh fruits, plain yogurt, fresh milk and/or vanilla ice cream with no artificial flavoring/coloring added. My personal favorite is Vanilla smoothie where fresh vanilla beans are used.


1) A customer who had lived in Australia for several years – “Your place is so Aussie”

2) A New Zealander family – “We could hardly find decent sandwiches since we arrived here until we found you, well done”

3) A British couple – “Fantastic, now they (referring to a particular shop) have a serious competitor”

4) A caucasian couple – “We have been a big fans of Mr Baker and we are so glad that you’ve finally opened this cafe”

5) A retiree – “Your cafe is probably the only one here that plays classical music”

Thank you for all the positive feedbacks and we look forward to serving you again.

New York City Band Andy Suzuki and The Method paying a surprised visit during the  official opening. It’s an honored having them here thanks to UBDFM. Andy loves our strawberry smoothie while Jason commented the Beef bacon with onions sandwich was superb :)
Big shout out to the team who made this Cafe possible.


Operating hours: 7AM to 9PM everyday.

Telephone number: 2427554


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