Is Our Sovital Roll Being Overpriced?

We need your feedback. Since the price of our sovital roll was increased to B$1.10 each (previously at B$0.90) effective 01.08.2012, we have received some negative comments about the pricing over the counter, phone calls and Facebook. Some customers were reluctant to buy it anymore because they thought the price is unreasonable. Hence, we need your view on whether you think it is really being overpriced. Hope the following photos help.

Oatmeal toppings. Other ingredients used are walnuts, mixed fruits, raisins and honey. No sugar, no eggs and 100% NO DOUGH IMPROVER!!
Additional information: Price of butter has increased by at least 35-40% over the years; walnuts is about B$23-$25 per kg now. Glad that the price of wholemeal flour has not increased by much.

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