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Restoran Capitol Satay, Malaka

Prior to our Malaka trip, we have made some researches on places to visit/eat/see and a famous eatery called Restoran Capitol Satay located at Bukit Lorong Cina came top of the list. Without paying much attention to other people’s review on this restaurant, I assumed the satay here is nothing but the typical local BBQ satay. Only later I found out they are more like Lok Lok but instead of hot boiling soup, the lok lok is dipped into a pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut sauce. Apparently, Restoran Capitol Satay is a family-run business and the current ownership is the 4th generation.

According to our tour guide, there are other vendors trying to compete by opening their shops few meters away from Capitol Satay but haven’t been successful and business died off eventually.
The restaurant opens at 5pm but there are already people queueing at the door as early as 4pm. We arrived at 4:30pm and managed to grab a table for 6.
Sticks of raw foods (Lok Lok) selling at RM0.90 each regardless of what you take. The plates are of different prices depending on color. Century egg with ginger are amongst some of the popular dishes.
The boiling pot of hot soup is placed in the middle of the table similar to steamboat style. But we were told that the soup is “belum masak” and were asked to wait for the sauce. What sauce?
Ahh….this is what the worker was talking about. The special peanut sauce which makes this restoran the #1 satay shop in Malaka.
This lady refuses to reveal the ingredients used in the peanut sauce. At least, I have tried :)
Be prepared to get messy with the sizzling hot peanut sauce
One of my favorite lok lok – deep fried tafu
Strictly no take away.

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