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The BOH Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands

It was not our original plan to visit the Cameron Highlands until we checked with the taxi driver while we were on the way to Malacca that it was only about 4 hours drive (minus traffic) from Kuala Lumpur. I have always wanted to go to Cameron Highlands for its beautiful scenery, tranquility and the cool fresh air. Hence, without further hesitation, we hired a tour guide the following morning for a day trip. We left the hotel in KL as early as 5am to avoid traffic and reached the peak slightly just before 10am.

A section of the famous tea plants neatly planted in rows. In chinese, this pattern of plantation is called 梯田。

One of the must visit places in Cameron Highlands is ofcourse the Boh Tea Plantation which apparently is the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia. Not a big fan of tea but, for me, visiting the plantation is like a dream comes true. Although the weather was not as cold as expected but a wind breaker would come in handy especially for young children.

Not sure whether tea leaves are still pluck by hands these days (as seen on TV). Nevertheless, we saw they were trimmed with a hand held machine.
Freshly plucked leaves ready to be picked up and transport to the factory for processing.
A small cafe on the peak serving pots of tea, English scones and other pastries.
Breakfast with breathtaking view outside the cafe.
There are many selections of tea to choose from the menu. I got myself a pot of premium black tea.
Nice packaging. Not sure whether these packaging are available in Brunei.

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