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Mr Baker’s Cafeteria @ Fitness Zone, Kiulap

The official opening of the Cafeteria @ Fitness Zone, Kiulap will be in the final week of this month (exact date to be announced) but we shall have a dry run starting next week. We are not 100% ready yet as we are still sourcing for nice and cozy sofa sets (2-seater with coffee table), coffee machine and juicer etc. During the dry run, there will only be coffee and tea, cakes and pastries, sandwiches and good selection of breads.

Note that this cafeteria is open for public and not just limited to Fitness Zone members only. The opening hours is to be set at a later stage when we are at full swing.

Cafe concept: Simple set up with healthy choice of pastries.

Located next to the main reception area on the first floor.
Cash counter and food preparation area.
Bread display counter.
Another view of the cafeteria.

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