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The Origin: BCC’s Trademark Raisin Bread

For the purpose of writing this post, I have quoted extensively what I read from the web with respect to the origin of the famous raisin bread from Baguio Country Club (BCC). To read more, please click HERE.

BCC’s trademark raisin bread. Loaf that first originated from an old home recipe of then manager of the Baguio Country Club some 51-52 years ago, Kate Reed. Half century old “secret” coffee partner of the BCC family. Then BCC’s now famous raisin bread first made its appearance in the Club’s even more famous Verandah – Long-time BCC member, Soccorro Merril, said “merienda” time at the BCC in those days just had a few members on the Verandah having coffee, but often wishing there was something to eat with their coffee. “To address the wishful thinking, Kate Reed one day presented them a raisin loaf, made from an old day family recipe. It made everyone’s day, and went on to become a staple for the coffee-drinking Verandah set”.

And so, “from a merienda staple of old, it evolved through the decades into the trademark loaf most anyone who visits the BCC has to have. Who would ever have imagined, more than 50 years ago, that the simple merienda loaf would one day be a part of the must-have, must-taste “Raisin bread” not found elsewhere.

When I first saw the amount of california raisins and cinnamon brown sugar (not shown in photo) used in one loaf, I was terrified. Don’t believe? Ask Jan Shim.
Raisin bread was introduced in Brunei by Chef Abe when we opened our first branch at Batu Bersurat four years ago. Same old recipes, same great taste!!! Take note that you must be a raisins + cinnamon lover to like this delicacy.

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