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First Visit to Bintulu, Sarawak

I recently visited Bintulu for a friend’s wedding reception for 2D/1N. It took us about 2.5hours drive from Miri via the Luak Bay route to reach Bintulu. On our way, we stopped by a chinese restaurant for lunch at Bekenu (about 1hr from Miri) for their famous steamed Tutu fish. Overall, the road condition is much better than what I have initially thought although there are some areas which can be quite bumpy. Do watch out for dangerous bend, heavy trucks loaded with cargo such as oil palms and tree logs and always follow the speed limit. I would advise not to travel at night as there are no street lights on most part of the journey.

This is my first time seeing a longhouse which is literally a row of linked wooden houses sitting on stilts. Most of these houses are installed with Astro :)
Bekenu town which consists of only few blocks of old shophouses.
This is the steamed Tutu fish I was talking about.
Outside view from our room. Apparently, this is one of the newly developed commercial areas.
Facade of the hotel we stayed in – Kemena Hotel. Loving the clear blue sky as background.
Tune Hotel is just next to Kemena Hotel.
One thing I noticed about Bintulu is the traffic flow which is less congested as compared to Miri. Pardon me if it is otherwise.
Parkcity Mall – the one and only shopping mall in Bintulu.
The biggest Chinese temple in Bintulu.
Giant burning stick.
One of my favorite shots taken during sunset at Bintulu beach.

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