Cakes and Pastries

California Cheese Overload!!!

This California Cheese overload is only available upon request with additional charge applies. Normal price is $1.30 per piece.

2 thoughts on “California Cheese Overload!!!

  1. Hi, im glad u opening another brach of mr baker. I alwez like mr baker until recently.. It was on wed 11th the lady served us was not really helpful nice but not really keen to sell or to promote. We were trying to explain bday cake design for my son and when i wanna choose something she kept on saying this is expensive and… Another thing shen the chef went out to meet us i saw something in his nose and which is yuk! I was like .. Is he ginna bake the bday cake… The next day they called they wrongly put the price and i said thats ur fault… Tat nite i came to the shop and once i got there they said its ok but it was too late already i came to canx n get back my deposit.. It was so dissapointed n i wish the new cafe will hv good customer services n very skilled staff as customer wans to feel they are wellcomed by the staff. Even to those customers who are trying to suit their budget with nice decoration of cakes witin their budget.. I cant wait to buy ur cakes at newly open cafe.. Thank u.. I lov ur red velvet kamington n deathby chocolte.. Keep up n pls maintain ur quality

    1. Hi Mj,

      Thank you for the compliments on our Red Velvet cake and lamingtons. There are my favorites too. The cafe won’t be opened until probably in September but yeah, I am looking forward to its opening too.

      On a separate note, we are deeply regret about the unpleasant experience you had at our shop recently. We take all comments seriously and necessary action have been taken in ensuring our customers are well taken care of. Hope we shall have the opportunity to serve you again in future.

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