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Our Small Little Branch at The Airport Mall

Almost 3 months passed since we opened our 3rd branch at the Airport Mall, we still receive enquiries every now and then on where exactly is this branch located. It is hard to miss really if you know where Sim Kim Huat Supermarket is, as we are just beside the goldsmith next to the entrance area. Due to the increase in customers request, we are gradually bringing in more varieties and starting next week onwards, all the assorted sandwiches, chocolate bomb and cookies etc will be freshly made at this branch instead of having them delivered from the main branch at Batu Bersurat every day.

There are still some minor “dressing up” to do for this branch as you can see that a proper signage, some graphic printings, banners etc are yet to be installed. I was held up with the cafe renovation at Gadong over the last 2 months hence didn’t manage to go through the artwork with the designer. Nevertheless, I should now divert my attention back to this little branch since the cafe renovation is near completion.


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