Cakes and Pastries

The Making of Butter Croissants

I have to agree with my chef when he claims that one of his specialties is nothing but the famous butter croissants. It’s buttery, soft on the inside and flaky outside. Croissant is time consuming to make especially if you are making the dough from scratch. Apart from the texture and buttery taste, getting a deep golden brown color without burning the bottom is important and, in my personal view, that’s what makes a good croissant. I prefer my croissant plain but if you like it more buttery, my recommendation would be a slice of chilled unsalted Anchor butter to go with it.

Deep golden color crescent shape butter croissants.

If you ever wonder what are the steps involved in making good quality croissants, from rolling of dough till the finishing, here are some photos to share with you which were recently taken from our kitchen.

The dough has been mixed before hand and is now ready for the rolling and flattening process using the dough sheeter machine.
Rolling of dough over and over again until the desired number of layers are achieved.
Dusting the dough with flour before rolling again.
The final fold….
Can you count the number of layers?
The dough is cut into triangle shape.

There you go…a crescent shape croissant ready for baking.

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