The Making of Smoked Salmon Sandwich

If you have been following me on instagram (@eric_pui), you would notice that I am a big fan of sandwiches. I like my sandwich simple and plain and as much as possible, I do not like any mayo on my sandwich. As I am currently working on a strict diet (well, sort of), a healthy homemade sandwich for lunch is the best substitute. A recent one day photo shoot by Jan Shim at the bakery has documented the entire process of how our smoked salmon sandwich is made and after seeing the photo, I have the sudden urge of sharing them here.

Smoked salmon sandwiches are available at our main branch as well as JPMC outlet on most Fridays but occasionally they are also available on other days. Do check with our cashiers on duty on its availability. If you are also a big fan of sandwiches, you may also want to try our chicken ham and cheese sandwich, egg mayo sandwich, tuna sandwich, egg pandesal and baguette sandwich.

Note: All photos shown below are unedited.

Slicing of wholemeal baguette with a thickness of about 1″ each slice.
Apart from wholemeal baguette, we also use rye bread, multigrain, ciabatta and Low GI for our assorted sandwiches.
We are quite selective on the type of tomatoes we use on our sandwiches. Firm and juicy are the basic criteria.
Applying a thin layer of cream cheese (not shown in picture) on the bread before putting the lettuce.
The assembling work begins…..
Wrapping the smoked salmon around a cherry tomato. Our chef likes to decorate it this way :)
Don’t they just look like crabs? According to Jan Shim, they do!!
Each sandwich is individually boxed in clear microwavable plastic container.
There you go, freshly made smoked salmon sandwiches ready for sale. Price: $5.50 each
Do check with our cashier on the availability as they are kept at chiller and may not be visible sometimes :)

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