Cakes and Pastries

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This monster cake was once called “Death by Chocolate” which was named after a popular cake shop / restaurant in Perth, Western Australia. Although only dine at the restaurant once during my 4 years studies in Australia the ambience and the interior of the restaurant seems to remain forever.  I remembered I had a slice of their signature chocolate cake and a long glass of very rich chocolate milk shake. It was heavenly.

We have been using the name “Death by Chocolate” since we opened our main branch in Sept 2008 but I feel like I should rename it as the word “death” just doesn’t sound right especially if customers are ordering it for birthday celebrations :) If you are a chocolate lover, I dare you to try it out because everything about this cake is chocolate i.e. 2 layers of thick dark chocolate ganache sandwiched in between moist chocolate sponge and fully coated with ganache again for finishing.

This is an 8" (diameter) size cake which weighs slightly less than 2kg. Imagine a lady customer orders a 15" size she may probably needs a strong muscular man to carry the cake for her LOL

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