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World Famous Cinnamon Rolls

I am a big fan of cinnamon rolls and the best one I have tasted so far has to be CINNABON – a chain of American franchise. With so many international brand coming in to Brunei in recent years, I am looking forward to see if someone would be interested to bring in this franchise to the country. Before taking a bite, be prepared to get messy as the frosting is quite rich and creamy. My personal favorite is the Cinnamon Classic.

A selection of cinnamon rolls that comes in different flavors. Photo taken in one of the shopping mall in Manila.
So far this is the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted ~ CINNABON
No matter how indulgence I am in these lovely cinnamon rolls, my limit is 2pcs only each time for obvious reason (just look at the amount of "brown" sugar used).
This is how the cinnamon rolls are cut into pieces before baking.
Special moulder is used to make sure the size of each cinnamon roll is consistent.
That's me taking photo of nicely packed mini cinnamon rolls.
Cinnamon roll fresh from oven ~ drooling ~
This is our own version of cinnamon buns. It's best to consume warm. I know, it looks nothing like Cinnabon LOL

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