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Kianggeh Food Centre, Brunei

I can’t remember exactly when was the last time I came to Kianggeh Food Centre (“KFC”) but definitely it was before the place was burnt. It was re opened recently after a major refurbishment. I brought my family here for dinner tonight at one of the oldest stall called Taman Sari which apparently was established since 1964. I was told that the original owner has retired and the stall is now run by the daughters. It was drizzling when we reached here but I couldn’t resist myself taking photo under the rain as this is one of those places that I would not hesitate bringing my overseas friends for a visit. If you appreciate good local food with simple set up (with no aircond), this is the place to go for.

Dinner by the river side. In my personal view, this place should be heavily promoted as one of Brunei's tourist attractions.
For those who are not familiar with where this place is, it's actually not far away from Yayasan Shopping Complex (less than 10mins walk) and is where you board the ship to Limbang.
One of the signature dish from Taman Sari - Mee Rebus Kari Ayam.
My kids love this - Nasi Ayam Goreng.

Good food at reasonable price with astonishing view of Kampong Air at night, what else could you ask for? For me, I am definitely coming back. Photo taken with iPhone.


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