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More Photo On Our Recent Singapore Trip

Cakes, pastries, sandwiches, burgers are some of the food I wouldn’t miss whenever I am in Singapore. Oh, I did not mention beef noodle (wet or dry) as I wasn’t able to take any photo of it. If you know Singapore well, you would know where Hougang hawker centre is and that’s the place I used to go for their famous beef noodle.

Speaking of cakes, I personally like Canelé ‘s selection of premium cakes especially the blackforest cake which is selling at about $9+ for a small slice. It sounds a bit pricy but trust me, it’s worth every penny. I do not know how many branches Canelé has in Singapore but I usually go for the one in Paragon or Raffles City. Photos below are some of the food places we went to during our recent visit to Singapore.

Canelé is selling premium cakes and chocolates. If you like macaron, you should give it a try too. I bought myself a chocolate macaron for $2.50 and it was heavenly.
My kids love the sandwich from Subway as they get to choose their own fillings and the type of bread they want. Parmesan is my favorite.
Gloria Jean's - one of my favorite coffee place.
Pretzel anyone?
Nice ambience and it is one of the few cafe that opens 24hours.
Good presentation but I personally find the cookies and cream too sweet for my tastebud.
O'Briens irish sandwich at Changi Departure Hall
As for my spouse, holidaying in Singapore will not be complete without visiting her favorite shoes shop.

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