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A Visit To Wasan Vocational School

Today marked a very special day on my calendar as I was being invited by Wasan Vocational School to give a motivation talk to some of their students. According to a teacher, there were approximately 90-100 students/teachers attended the session. The so-called motivation talk is more on sharing of what Mr Baker has gone through over the past 3 1/2 years and how we managed to overcome the difficult times. I particularly like the Q&A sessions where some students took turn asking me questions on all aspects such as (1) how much was our start up capital, (2) how did I balance my work life and family time, (3) what have I gained from the business apart from the profit made, (4) the importance of having a business plan before starting any business, (5) how did I manage my savings and …….(this was hilarious) (6) any vacancies at Mr Baker….LOL.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole session and hope the story of Mr Baker would inspire the students in some ways.

Giving my opening speech. It was a tense moment but glad that it went well at the end
There were about 90-100 students and teachers attended the session
None of the audiences fell asleep during the talk :)
Students taking turn asking question during the Q&A session
I invited one of my chefs to come along
Ladies, I will seriously consider the suggestion given LOL
A big fan of our lamington
I was presented a souvenir at the end of the speech as a token of appreciation

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