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First Jewel Cable Car Experience

I enjoyed every single minute of my recent visit to Singapore except for the 20 minutes or so of Jewel cable car ride. I have no idea what is the actual height of the cable car above sea level but it is equivalent to a 15-storey high building or could be much higher. The newly refurbished car can now accommodate a maximum capacity of 8 passengers (with medium size I assume) compared to only 6 passengers previously. Apparently, Jewel offers unforgettable dining experience for lovely couple while dangling on the sky. Click HERE for more information about the Sky Dining.

Hanging in the sky means I could have a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s renowned shoreline and the resort island of Sentosa. If the star cruise Virgo happens to be docked at the port, you will have the rare opportunity to see a clear view of the top deck where swimming pool is located.

The cable car takes off at 15th floor of Harbour Front Tower II. For me, the scariest moment is when the car left the building but my kids seem to enjoy it.
It was past 6pm when we hopped onto the cable car but the sky was still bright. Hence, I wasn't able to capture the sunset moment.
Breathtaking view from the cabin. But for me, it was more like a "breathless-taking view"
Another side of the city
Hard Rock Hotel at Sentosa Island.
It was our lucky day. The star cruise Virgo docked at the port just before we took the lift up to 15th floor.
A closer look of the ship
Helicopter landing area located at the back of the ship.
The famous swimming pool located at the top deck. The sliding tunnel wasn't built yet when I was there 10 years ago.
Life jacket / boat for emergency used.
This is the best angle I could capture from VivoCity while dining at a restaurant.

One thought on “First Jewel Cable Car Experience

  1. A good ride and an experience of a lifetime. LOL. It’s great that the cable cabins have been refurbished to larger capacity.

    During my earlier visits to S’pore, the tiny capsules only accommodated 4 people.


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