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Mold After 3 Days?

Took the following photo this morning and I am feeling the urge to blog about it right away. Have you ever wondered why some breads can last for 5-7days while others only 3days? There is no underlying secret recipe to it apart from using what we called “preservatives” or “anti-mold” agents which is readily available off the shelves. Is preservative bad? I can’t tell you from a medical perspective but we have been told by our parents since we were kids that we should not over consume instant noodles as “it contains preservatives”. I was also told by a renowned patissier during a casual conversation that she now buy bread from us almost every alternate day because of the short expiry date we have for our bread. The exact words from her go like this “Eric, I am buying bread from your bakery very frequently now because your bread grows mold after 3 days” and I was like “What???”. Only later I realised the underlying meaning.

If given a choice between a 3-day bread and a 7-day bread, which one would you go for?

Photo taken this morning - Powdermilk loaf expires today
All our loaves only come in one size because we want you to consume within a day :)
We have wide selections of healthy euro bread available everyday such as Rye, Multigrain, Ciabatta, Low-GI, Sovital etc. Others such as Sunflower, English muffins, Vienna bread, Challah bread are available upon request.

One thought on “Mold After 3 Days?

  1. I noticed your bakery has one of the widest selections of different types of bread. Is it possible for you to briefly describe the different characteristics of each bread? I am at a loss on how to choose sometimes. Many thanks :)

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