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Gluten Free At Last!!

I had a brief conversation with a friend today and learnt something new about gluten intolerance. While many people are born with it others can develop it later in life. A gluten intolerance is when it is difficult for a body to get the required nutrients from foods due to the lack of certain enzymes to digest the food. Symptoms include bloating, fatigue, diarrhea, joint pain, migraines and many more. People who are gluten intolerance may not realized it unless they are diagnosed with it. Although not scientifically proven (yet), it is believed that children with autism might receive some benefits from gluten free diet.

Those who follows our blog would know that we have been trying very hard to bake gluten free products since end of last year but most of them have failed to give satisfactory outcomes. Gluten free bread is the most difficult one to make as it is not easy to get the ideal texture in the absence of gluten. Nevertheless, today we have reached a milestone by successfully making 3 varieties of gluten free products ie. chocolate fudge brownies, blueberry/apple muffins and flour-less chocolate cake. These items are available for sale everyday but only with small quantity due to the short expiration dates and high ingredient costs.

A happy customer - thanks Max Max for allowing me to use this nicely shot self portrait photo
Rice flour and tapioca flour are used in the mixing. Rich in dark chocolate, moist and very tasty.
Bob's Red Mill cornbread mix, eggs, butter, mixed fruits, honey and blueberry or apple fillings.
This is one unique cake as it doesn't contain any flour. Ingredients used are eggs, dark chocolate chips, caster sugar, brown sugar and butter.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free At Last!!

  1. hi.. ive just been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity.. are your gluten free products readily available in your branches? can you also make gluten free wedding cakes/cupcakes? .. thanks! =)

    1. Our gluten free products are made to order only. Besides gluten free bread, we also make chocolate fudge brownies, muffins and cakes that is gluten free. However, it is important to note that these products are made in the same kitchen where other products are made hence traces of gluten may be found.

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