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Signature Cake, Great Photo!!

As mentioned over and over again one of the greatest things I’ve gained since becoming active on social media network last year is the camaraderie of friendship (both online and offline). Occasionally, I get to pick up one or two vocabulary through twitter too. Not only that, reading social blogs has become my daily routine work. The two social blogs that I wouldn’t miss reading every day are Ranoadidas and Tiger Lim. But lately, I am simply indulged with SHIMWORLD which has become a “must read” too. The reason? Visit the link and you will see why. By the way, do you know that I am also into “foodography” :)

My first casual lunch meeting with the author, Jan Shim, ended up having him taking photo of our signature cake “Fresh fruit vanilla”. It was an unplanned assignment but a great honor indeed. Note: The cake captured in the photo below was taken out directly from the chiller while it was on display for sale i.e. what you see from the photo is exactly what you get.

Top view of the cake
Dissected view of the cake

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