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Ka-ching Ka-ching Ka-ching

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching – that’s the sound you can hear if you are standing in front of the cash register machine collecting money and giving change. We used to participate in various expo (mostly in Gadong Mall) to promote our products and build social networking. It was a very tiring job but looking at the lining up customers waiting for their turn to pay, it is all worth it!

Selling our popular California Cheese and assorted pastries at Gadong Mall
This was in Bandar parking area next to the Radisson Hotel. In this photo, our chef was making california cheese live :)
Kaching, kaching. Look who was the cashier LOL. Our Supervisor, Siti Sarah, has been a big help.
SMARTER Centre at Sengkurong. Once again, california cheese is a must-have item in all expo. Btw, this photo was courtesy of Rano.
Boustead Carnival 2011

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