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Longing For A Break!!!

With a new branch coming up next month and another bigger project happening in May/June, going for a long vacation at this moment is definitely out of the question. Nevertheless, I am pretty excited and looking forward to the coming 7th Belait Travel Fair from RBA (details unknown yet) and hopefully I can get some good deals. Here I would like to share with you some of the photos taken during our visit to Perth 2 years ago.

I stayed in this single storey bungalow with other housemates for almost 3 years which is just across the road to the University. It has 3 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 living room, 1 dining room, an open space dry kitchen and a garage good for one car
University compound where students usually hang out during break time
Street musician who has been around since our school time. It's good to see him again and guess what, he is still performing at the same spot i.e. outside Myer
At least 12 seaters Lamborghini. Banner behind shows a famous fish and chips restaurant in Fremantle
Sunset by Swan River. Beautiful and calm isn't it.
Perth City - photo taken from Kings Park
The Natural Bridge, Albany. It's not advisable to go near the bridge for safety reason
While we were on the way to the Whale World, we stopped by the roadside and captured this photo
Windmill Farm - a must visit place.

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