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Facebook or Twitter?

Had I not opened a Facebook account two and a half years or so ago, where would we be today? Who would have thought a casual chit chat with someone whom I just met then at the bakery would lead me to believe the power of social media and how it helps in business when use righteously.

I started off with Facebook by posting heaps of photos everyday on our cakes, breads and pastries and at the beginning there weren’t many “likes” or worse still, on several occasions, I didn’t get any response at all. So, how did I grow my friend list from there? All I did was keep doing in what I believe will work and always be attentive to all queries, inbox and comments. I am always on ‘stand-by’ mode. Few months later, our friend list grew from 100 to 1,000 and that’s when the turning point begins. Now, each time a photo is posted, I get at least 10-20 “likes” or “comments” and in most cases, I will close another one or two business deals (i.e cakes order) with that. Up to date, we have reached the friends limit of 5,000 with more than 1,000 friends request pending. Approximately 30% of our overall revenue are ordered through Facebook.

My twitter account was created sometime around October 2010 but I kept it inactive for several months because I didn’t understand what tweeting was all about then. I have heard about it through friends but had no idea how it works or should I say I wasn’t keen about tweeting as it doesn’t seem as interactive as Facebook. For one, there is no “like” button and the posting of photo doesn’t seem to be that user friendly compare to Facebook. It was not until mid February last year when I became fascinated about tweeting as I realised how quick information can be delivered. My followers grow from month to month and to date I have about 456 followers and thanks to Twitter I get to meet some awesome friends (you know who you are).

Should I focus more on Facebook or Twitter? I would say both are as important as the  target audiences are different. Based on my observation, our Facebook customers are mostly household whereas on Twitter, it’s more corporate. In few words, we shall continue to use social media platforms for networking, updates on promotion and sharing of news.

Catch us on:-

  1. Facebook: MrBaker’s Bakeshop
  2. Facebook Fan Page: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop Fan Box
  3. Twitter: @Mrbakerbakeshop
  4. Instagram: @eric_pui
  5. Path: Mr Baker Bakeshop

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