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Why Am I Determined To Make Gluten Free Bread?

“Challenging but we gotta make it happen” – this was exactly what I told my chef when our first attempt on making 100% gluten free bread failed completely. I had no idea there are quite a number of people in this country who are gluten intolerance until a casual chat with a dietitian about 2 months ago. The symptoms of gluten intolerance include diarrhea, weight loss, malnutrition, abdominal bloating and so on and the most common foods that contain gluten are wheat, rye and barley. To my understanding, one of the many reasons why it is not easy to make gluten free bread is the difficulty for the dough to rise properly, getting the right texture and of course the taste.

Asked by the dietitian, “Can you imagine some children, who are gluten intolerance, have never known how bread tastes like and even if you offer them a loaf of “hard” bread and tell them it is how a bread is supposed to be, they would believe it”. It is only then that I realized and determined to make gluten free bread so that everyone can enjoy. Tricky as it is but whatever it takes, I am gonna make it happen.

Gluten free bread - fail to rise

One thought on “Why Am I Determined To Make Gluten Free Bread?

  1. My take:
    a) ingredients must all be at the same room temperature for dough to rise
    b) for moist, firm texture, use equal parts of guar gum and xanthan gum as your rising agents.
    c) remember to add apple cider vinegar to the liquid mixture.

    All the best.

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