Random Post

“The Healthy Mall”

Woke up early on a Sunday morning before sunrise and attended the official opening of the Citis Square (next to Times Square) today. I arrived at the Square slightly before 7am and was surprised to see that it was already crowded with morning exercisers from the Tai Chi Association and representatives from the Ministry of Health. The running track right opposite to the Square was also packed with joggers.

The guest of honor officiating the launching is Pehin OKJPDSS Awg Hj Adnan, Minister of Health. By the way, did you know that the Citis Square is also called “The Healthy Mall” (correct me if I am wrong)?  I am not too sure why it has such a name but I noticed some health awareness posters and “No smoking” signs are being posted on the walls. Below are some photos taken this morning.

Mr Victor Lai with the opening speech
Group aerobics
The instructor leading the way
Red scissors, red table cloth and red (or pink) ribbon
Citis Square is now officially opened

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