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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai and wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year 2012. Today is the 4th day of the Lunar Year of the Dragon 2012 and it’s also my first day returning to work. As usual, the chores for the first three days have been house visiting to relatives and friends from morning till late nights and the average hours of sleep I had was merely 6 hours or less per day. Exhausted but fun. Here are some photos taken during the CNY celebration.
It's been our family tradition to have chinese tea, peanuts and "nian gao" for breakfast before other meals
Lion dance performed by Chung Ching Middle School
Not too sure what this symbolizes LOL :)
First visitors to our kampong house - Mr Baker's big family
Red flowers symbolize good luck and fortune
Lion dance performance at Grand Palace Hotel, Miri (on 2nd Day)
Somehow, I still prefer last year's performance even though it's from the same group of people
One of my favorite performances

May the Year of Dragon brings abundant of happiness, health and wealth to everyone. We thank our customers for their endless support to Mr Baker and our apologies for any wrong doing in the past in terms of unsatisfactory customer service, wrong orders taken etc. Our mission statement this year: Maximizing customer satisfaction through better customer service and wider selection of healthier products.


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