Special Mamon

I love mamon and it is something that I definitely wouldn’t miss out every time I visit the Philippines. Mamon cakes are literally Filipino version of sponge cake or what others call as yellow sponge cake. It is soft and airy, creamy at the top with shredded cheddar cheese and white sugar sprinkle all over. It doesn’t need any filling and it usually comes in individual cupcake size or smaller. Ang Sarap (a tagalog word for “It’s delicious”)

Special Mamon - $1.50 each

Since I am in the topic of the Philippines, let me introduce you a popular place for nice coffee with good ambience cafe in Manila, Cafe Mary Grace. My first impression on this cafe is that they only sell 2 items i.e. ensaymada and cheese rolls and I have tried them both. Once again, Ang Sarap!! To find out more about this cafe, click HERE.

This is a popular coffee place in Manila

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