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Recap 2011

As we are entering into the first hour of Year 2012,  it’s my pleasure to share with you, my readers, a recap of what Mr Baker has achieved during the Year 2011. For many reasons, I reckon it’s definitely a year to be remembered. For one, I have came to know some awesome friends through online social media network in particular Tiger Lim, Jan Shim, Anthony Er, Thanis Lim, Ridwan (Pondok Sari Wangi), Jo Ang and Shaun Hoon who have been very supportive both online and offline in terms of spreading the words about Mr Baker.

On business portfolio, we have had a number of “Projects” done last year such as the following:-

  1. Opening of 2nd outlet at JPMC main lobby area in January 2011
  2. First full course catering for RIPAS Certificate Presentation Ceremony
  3. 5th Anniversary Cake of Telbru and door gifts
  4. Catering for DESEO’s 3rd Anniversary
  5. Supply of packed food for Town & Country Planning Unit during one of their events
  6. Supply of English Hi-Tea for “Bubungan Dua Belas Special Event” organised by Brunei Muzeum
  7. Official cake decorator for Brunei’s first Musical Garden Wedding Fair
  8. Celebrated our 3rd anniversary and launching of Beach Buns concurrently
  9. Sweets and desserts for i-Centre’s open house during Hari Raya
  10. 1,000pcs cupcakes for Telbru door gifts during Hari Raya
  11. Supply of healthy sandwiches for one of JPMC’s Sunday events
  12. Selected as one of the Partners for B Mobile’s “Who’s Got Talent 2011”
  13. Sale of Century Promo on 11.11.11 from 11:11am-1:11pm
  14. Invited to participate in Diabetes Awareness Campaign organised by the Ministry of Health

To end the recap, our New Year’s Resolution for Year 2012 are:-

  1. Opening of Mr.Baker’s Cafeteria by 2nd quarter of the year
  2. Opening of 3rd branch at one of the shopping malls (still hunting for location though)
  3. Proactive in promoting healthier breads and pastries
Photo with Tiger Lim during our 3rd Anniversary
With DJ Izan and friends
Photo with @Zulfadly during STPRI's Book Bash
Photo with Jerrald of Seri Kamayan
First meeting with @JennyMalaiAli
Chefs at work during Musical Garden Wedding Fair
Cupcakes deco
150cupcakes for Ronnie & Peck's 35th wedding anniversary
Fun Fee Park teams during our Sale of Century
Group photo during a charity event
1,000 cupcakes for Telbru
Last but definitely not the least - My son's graduation day

One thought on “Recap 2011

  1. Superb Achievements. Envious Accolades.

    May Good Tides and Great Business Continue to Roll For You.

    Congratulations on your successful 2011 year, and many more to come.

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