Wedding Cakes

Final Touch

As much as possible, I would take a final look of any finished cakes before they are released to the customers especially the customised cakes and wedding cakes. We always get online enquiries such as certain design of wedding cakes, arrangement of deco and customised 3D cakes etc. We usually invite customers to visit our shop and discuss in person with the chefs so that we could get a better picture of what customers really want to avoid unnecessary miscommunications.

Speaking of wedding cake, Sunday has become our busiest day of the week in terms of wedding cake orders this year as compared to the last 2 years. As far as I can remember, the record so far is 5 wedding cakes on one particular sunday. I must say I am very picky when comes to wedding cake as it is such an important cake which we can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Nevertheless, as part of our ongoing quality control procedures, if you have ordered a wedding cake from us before and would like to chip in some comments you are welcome to contact me personally on 673-8768770.

Final touch before delivery
Latest wedding cake delivered for Anthony & Cynthia
Sugar lace design


















One thought on “Final Touch

  1. Until Brunei comes up with the equivalent of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, I will unreservedly accord to MrBakersBakeship the order of Meilleurs Ouvriers de Brunei (MOB Patissier).

    Yes, MrBakersBakeshop deserves this high honour because of the talented artistry, exquisite taste and healthy choices your boulangerie and patisserie puts out.

    Three cheers for Eric and his dedicated team!!! Yay!!!.

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