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Healthy Desserts

Guilt free desserts – zero sugar content, same good taste. After four days of trial and error in the kitchen for getting the right combination of ingredients used, we finally came up with 2 new desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. More importantly, they are healthy desserts. Check out the ingredients below and if you are in doubt, please contact your dietitian for advice. To place an order, simply contact us on 2426020 and look for Chef Jean.
Cream Cheese Banana Cupcake. Ingredients: Fresh milk, butter, vanilla essence, eggs, cake flour, fenugreek choco mixed, baking soda, cream cheese, fresh banana and splenda (optional)
Strawberry Chocolate Mousse. Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, low fat milk, fenugreek choco mix, corn starch, President cream and fresh strawberries

4 thoughts on “Healthy Desserts

  1. This is a very sincere labour of love from MrBakerBakeshop. Kudos to Mr Eric Pui and his team of dedicated and committed patissiers to bring healthy food for customers who might have shunned conventional pastries.

    Two thumbs up for a great effort. Two more points for MrBakerBakeshop’s “MOF Patisserie” scorecards!

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