Customised 3D Cakes

Customised 3D cakes

Frankly, I was quite surprised to learn that a number of our customers even the regular ones (including our neighbours) were unaware that we also do customised 3D cakes until lately when we display some of  the dummies at the shop. In fact, we have been doing it since beginning but at a smaller scale as demand was low then. To recall, we have done the “iPhone”, “LV Bag”, “The Car”, “Superman”, “Soccer Ball” just to name a few and all of these pictures can be viewed from the cake catalogue. Well, I suppose having a dummy cake physically displayed where people can see and touch is more appealing to customers than a catalogue. To place an order, simply visit our shop and go through the desired design with our chef so that your requirement is fully understood and well taken care of. If someone ask “What are the most requested designs lately?” It has to be the “Angry birds” but we foresee it will soon be taken over by “The Smurf”.

Angry Birds
The Smurf

One thought on “Customised 3D cakes

  1. So artistic. Bet it taste as good as it looks. I’m recommending this artistry to my niece. She’ll fall head over heels when she sees the Angy Birds and The Smurfs. Thanks for sharing.

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