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 Do you know how many types of cheesecake we have in our cake album? I certainly do not keep track of the number but apparently there more than 15 types (both baked and chilled). We have received quite a number of delightful comments about our cheesecake especially the baked cheesecake. For me, I am simply indulged with the American Cheesecake. Below are some of the remarkable comments posted on our FB Wall recently. Try it for yourself!!!

Anthony Er – Baked cheesecake are not easy to make. It’s either too salty, or overburned. MrBaker’sBakeshop baked sour-cream cheesecake is perfectly balanced and well cooked. The thick sour-cream and cheese layer has a soft yet firm texture, flavourful, and tasty. The crusty base is firm and delicious. Consumers who have once stayed away from cheesecake will be an instant convert. Trust me, it’s that good. I’m a patissier myself. MrBaker’sBakeshop baked sour-cream cheesecake beats other cheesecake hands down. It’s worth making a journey for this top scoring gastronomical delight. (Referring to New York Cheesecake)

Aud Teo – It’s creamy yet light and refreshing. Perfect combination of sponge and cream. Melts in the mouth and warms the heart. :) Thank you again, Mr Baker’s Bakeshop! (Referring to Tiramisu Cheesecake)

Jessie Kuan – After tasting your Tiramisu Cheesecake, I now understand why it’s one of your favs. It almost like a mousse & has the right combo of creaminess and cheese without being too heavy and overpowering. (Referring to Tiramisu Cheesecake)


One thought on “Cheesecakes

  1. Daisy L (aged 76): “The cheesecake is so good I’m going put on weight.” Daisy, my mother-in-law, commented how she loves the baked sour cream cheesecake that she’d raid the fridge to binge. If given more, she’s afraid she wouldn’t be able to control herself, and put on weight as a result. . . . “It’s simply, so good!”

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