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Top Selling – Fresh Fruit Vanilla

What is our signature cake? This is almost a frequently asked  question especially by someone who has yet to patronize our bakeshop. Without hesitation and my reply is simple, it is our very own version of “Fresh Fruit Vanilla”.

It is literally made of 4 layers of light vanilla sponge (minus ovalette/stabilisers) sandwiched with generous amount of diced fresh fruits (strawberries, mango, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit and grapes) folded with special cream. Toppings are well decorated with, once again, strawberries, mango, kiwi fruits, dragon fruits and grapes.

Photos used in the slideshow below was taken by a prominent photographer during his recent visit to our bakeshop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Top Selling – Fresh Fruit Vanilla

  1. This is so wickedly tempting….look at those snowy white creme creamy it’s melting my tongue. Ah…the fresh fruit toppings simply make this an irresistible heavenly treat. *salivating by the buckets ** ;p

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