Handmade Cookies And Cookies Hampers Now Open For Booking

Written by Eric Pui

All our cookies are handmade and freshly baked everyday to cater for the upcoming Raya Celebration. These cookies come in several packaging with prices ranging from $5.00 to $15.00 per box which are now available to buy off the shelves from our outlets at Batu Bersurat, Menglait and JPMC. However, as certain items are fast selling than the others, we suggest advance booking to avoid disappointment. If you are looking for ideal Raya gifts for families and friends, why not check out our Cookies Hampers as well. Scroll down for more details.


Cranberries and Walnut cookies

Chocolate Chunky cookies

Chocolate Chunky cookies

Crunchy Cornflakes

Crunchy Cornflakes

White Chocolate with Cashew Nuts Butter Cookies

White Chocolate with Cashew Nuts Butter Cookies

Buttermilk Cookies

Buttermilk Cookies

Original Biscotti, Chocolate Biscotti and Raisins with Coconut Biscotti

Original Biscotti, Chocolate Biscotti and Raisins with Coconut Biscotti

JAN_9050JAN_9070JAN_9036JAN_9026JAN_9194Other items available are Raisins Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Praline. Kindly be informed that the above hampers are on first come first serve basis and while stock last only. To order, please send us an email at mrbakersbakeshop@gmail.com or visit any of our outlets nearer to you.

Catering For Jolly Language School’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Written by Eric Pui

Jolly Language School celebrated its 2nd anniversary last month in a rather unique way. The persons (the teachers themselves) who planned the theme, props, foods and the overall presentation of the theme were simply amazing and creative I would say. Similar to last year, food is a big part of the celebration. By food, I meant brilliantly created food art that is. The theme this year is “The Snail and The Whale” so we had to go along this theme when planning the menu. For example, we had the snail sandwiches, whale cupcakes, snail cupcakes and other cute little creatures such as crab croissan’wich, shark jelly and so on.

CST140525_0058Event similar to this one requires months of preparation work. For instance, we may need to order the props from overseas that match with the event theme and the time spend on designing the food, varieties and table setting needs to be considered as well. If you are currently planning for an event, be it a kids birthday party or a mini wedding reception, and would like to have us as your food caterer, please come to our shop and go through the details and criteria with our Chefs. Our contact number can be found on the right hand side column of this blog should you wish to make a call for an appointment.


Chef in action – Beef salami sandwich sitting on top of a green “snail” made of fondant. Rolling the sandwich and to make sure it stays attached with the “body” was a challenge.

Pandan roll, Mocha roll and Chocolate cream roll.

Pandan roll, Mocha roll and Chocolate cream roll sitting on banana leaves.

Mini tuna croissan'wich, The "crab legs and eyes" are made of fondant.

Mini tuna and egg croissan’wich, The “crab legs and eyes” are made of fondant.

Chocolate Mud Cupcake

Chocolate mud cupcake with smiley “snail”.

Vanilla Cupcake

Vanilla cupcake with whale “swimming” on top.

Cake pop

Cake pops.


Beach slippers to match with the theme. By the way, these slippers are edible.

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls in the shape of snails (new product).


Mixed vegetable rolls (new product).


Fresh garden salads.

Serving plates, napkins that go with the theme

Serving plates, napkins and cutlery that go along with the theme.

TAble set up

The overall table setting.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Principal and all the teachers of Jolly Language School.





Look Who Is Back!!

Written by Eric Pui

It’s been a while and many of you have been inquiring about the returning of our homemade apple custard danish and blueberry danish. Good news!! They are back and are now available at our cafeteria in Gadong Central. Very soon they will also be available at our Batu Bersurat and JPMC outlet. These danishes also come in mini sizes suitable for corporate events, special occasions or even kids party. I like my danishes to go with a cup of hot English tea (Earl Grey is the best), what about you?


Hokkaido Soft Ice cream

Written by Eric Pui

I have heard a lot about Hokkaido ice cream from friends who have been to Hokkaido before and it is a must have according to them and I couldn’t agree more. The ice cream is soft, smooth and most importantly, it’s not sweet as I am not fond of ice cream that is sweet. During my 5 days short vacation in Hokkaido last year, I had more than 10 cones. Some ice creams come with creative flavors such as the seaweed ice cream, melon ice cream, wasabi ice cream but my favorite is still the original pure Hokkaido milk ice cream.

IMG_2492 IMG_2493  IMG_2773IMG_2922IMG_299720131127_171501

Making Your Own Healthy Sandwiches At Home

A friend tagged me a photo (on Facebook) of his homemade healthy sandwiches made from our Low GI bread recently bought at our Batu Bersurat branch. A “simple yet delightful sandwich” indeed. Our Low GI bread now comes in loafs which is available at both Batu Bersurat as well as JPMC branch.


Healthy Restaurant Program Officially Launched

Brunei’s Health Promotion Centre, under the Ministry of Health, has officially launched the “Healthy Restaurant” program last weekend with the aim of encouraging restaurants and eateries around Brunei to come up with more healthy options in their menu. The launch was officiated by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoH, Dr Hjh Rahmah Hj Md Said, and attended by several Heads of Department including Dr Awang Zainal Ariffin bin Haji Awang Yahya, General Director, Ministry of Health.


All participated restaurants will be given a certificate, marketing materials such as posters and table stand. For more information, please contact @HPCBrunei or visit them at Commonwealth Dr.

So far, 3 restaurants have been selected to participate on this pilot program and it is an honor that Mr Baker’s Cafeteria is one of the chosen ones. To be eligible, certain criteria must be fulfilled including the screening of food recipes and ingredients used in our products. When asked by Dr Hjh Rahmah what are the popular dishes in our menu, I explained that we only serve healthy sandwiches, muffins and salads. Our sandwiches are so easy to prepare that our customers can actually make them at home, saving the hassle of eating out. Dr Hjh Rahmah, a bread lover, asked for my recommendation and without any doubt, I recommended Jan Shim‘s most favorite bread, the Muesli bread. Both Dr Hjh Rahmah and Dr Awg Zainal Ariffin sampled the muesli bread and they are impressed.


Jan’s favorite muesli bread with smoked salmon sandwich for morning breakfast or lunch.


Climbing Mount Kinabalu – The Greatest Achievement in 2013!!!

Every beginning of the year, I would look back and ask myself what I had achieved in the past 12 months. Year 2013 had been a great year for Mr Baker as a whole. We developed specialty muffins under Muffins&Co., collaborating with Brunei’s Health Promotion Centre on their healthy restaurant program and months of products development with an international franchise establishment landed us a deal which is going to keep our production line busy for a good period of time. However, my greatest moment in 2013 is none other than reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu on 18th December 2013.

I started training for #MountKK2013 in August last year after the month of Ramadhan. Most of my training was at Bukit Shahbandar. The first attempt was a nightmare as I could barely catch my breath right after the first concrete steps. If you are a regular of Shahbandar, you would know exactly which concrete steps I am referring to. It was then I realized that I had to work harder in order to reach the summit as I know there isn’t going to be any easy way. I was pretty much determined (and disciplined) that I literally set a 90-day #MountKK Challenge on my personal Facebook account and monitored the progress on daily basis.


Day 1 of 90-Day #MountKK Challenge. This is the day that I finally realized the prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle is not only the diet we need to watch out for but fitness through regular physical exercise as well.


Training with my other Mount Kinabalu teammates. From Left to Right ~ Brunei’s famous food blogger Thanis, Jan, myself and our group leader Cyril. The four of us (together with another 3) made it to the summit.


Jan has been a big part of my training without whom I wouldn’t be who I am today (referring to my love for hiking).


What’s more meaningful than celebrating Mr Baker’s 5th Anniversary the healthy way ~ a group hike at Bukit Shahbandar with the management, staffs and family members  .

Day  60

Day 60 of 90-Day #MountKK Challenge.

14 hills

I personally feel that “Shahbandar 14 Hills” is a very good training ground for Mount Kinabalu as the entire route covers approximately 7KM with a duration of 4hours hike (my speed). The total distance from Kinabalu Park to the peak of Mount Kinabalu is 8.5KM.

The big day has finally come. I only had one thought in my mind before the climb i.e. to make it to the peak.

The big day has finally come. There was only one thought in my mind at that very moment i.e. to make it to the peak.


This is the first part of the climb i.e. from Kinabalu Park to Laban Rata which was challenging in terms of long distance (about 6.5hours my speed) and slopes.

After few hours of hike, I had to rely on the stick as my legs started to feel soreness

A few hours later, I had to rely on the stick as my legs started to feel sore (You can tell from my facial expression).

Finally reached Laban Rata 6.5hours later.

Finally reached Laban Rata 6.5hours later at around 3:30PM. We had our dinner early, slept for few hours before the alarm sets off at 1AM.

We started the 2nd part of the climb at around 2:30AM. We were in total darkness and the cheap but reliable headlight I bought (from Supersave) was the only source of light.

We started the 2nd part of the climb at around 2:30AM after taking our super early breakfast. The rope climbing is definitely not my favorite.

I was the last one in our group to reach the summit but I am very proud of myself nonetheless.

I was the last one in our group to reach the summit but I am very proud of myself nonetheless.

My dream of becoming the "top baker" in So

My dream of becoming one of the “top baker” in South East Asia finally came true LOL.

To read more about our Mount Kinabalu unforgettable experience, do visit Cyril’s blog HERE.